crying because i miss little grey and sloan so much
Having a boyfriend can either be the worst or the best thing to happen to you. it’s mentally exhausting. when you start talking to them it sucks because you’re so unsure and you don’t want to say the wrong thing to make them not text back and you wonder about them constantly but then when you’re together you feel so happy like you laugh and you play around but at the same time it’s so serious Bc you like them that much. but then it starts to suck when thy distance themselves and they always do and they’ll say stuff sometimes that really hurts you but you can’t say anythig because they’ll get annoyed. but being with your bestfriend is probably the best feeling in the world knowing they’re literally there for you and they listen to you and give you advice and want the best for you and hearing them say that you’re their bestfriend it’s really one if the best feelings but losing your bet friend and feeling like your whole world is caving in on you, that’s the worst feeling,you feel like everything is broken you literally feel broken like your heart hurts

everything personal♡
Ya know i realized that actually really liking people sucks, like not personally, but just from like observation like it’s awful because i was kinda thinking about it and i felt like really weird going to lax yesterday and it made me think of baseball and cameron and then i thought about like what if i was going to his game like to see him play and like it’s great and it’s like a dream if you’re dating or they’ve made it clear that they like you but if not then it’s kinda pathetic like it makes me feel so weak and I am not okay with that feeling and that made me think of how much it must suck to like someone like a lot that just doesn’t reciprocate and it’s so helpless honestly and you just can’t do anything about it and it breaks my heart and i think that’s one of the reasons I won’t allow myself to like someone and I can never say it out loud because i just feel so helpless putting myself out there and i am not okay with it and i don’t want to take a chance so i just don’t allow myself to catch those kinds of feelings and therefore I am heartless like truly

I’m broken and you can’t fix me.

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